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After adding to cart

Welcome.At the moment we accept only PayPal payments at  checkout. Now it is very easy. After clicking the " Add to cart " button for the product you desire,please click the  " checkout " button at the bottom right corner,then after entering the required details,click the yellow " complete order " button.If you do not see this button,please scroll down until you do.You will be taken to Simply log into your PayPal account and complete the order.It is that simple.If you do not have a PayPal account you,ll have an opportunity to quickly create one on the same page. Thanks a lot for your time and visit.Your presence does make a difference.

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Anti Radiation Blockers

Anti Radiation Blockers.Anti-radiation function:Why do people seek out anti radiation phone cases? Most likely,it's because they are aware of the radio frequency(RF for short) energy emitted by wireless devices like our cell phones through their antennas.It is said that,accumulative exposure to this energy overtime can cause serious health issues.It is quite understandable then,that anyone coming across this knowledge,will much prefer choose to be safe now, rather than being sorry later down the road.Happily there is a series of cases designed to protect you by blocking this potentially dangerous energy.How does it do that?By employing stealth aircraft technology through which microwaves absorbent is injected into silicon rubber using electromagnetic energy convert to heat energy.This process makes these case quite different in...

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